Better Than The Boys

I’ve got three weddings 🔔🔔🔔 to attend from this Friday to next week Friday, so the next couple of days will be quite eventful! I’m here thinking to myself… “What to wear Karen, what to wear… hmmmm…” [me, looking at my wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear… strange, I know! 😂].

I’m a sucker for suits, pant suits to be specific, if I could wear a different suit every day of the year I’d be a happy girl, but that can’t quite work with my budget (lol) so I’ll stick to wearing suits like this here only on special occasions [got this suit on sale for about 8,000/= like 2 years ago… then I got a ‘summer bunny’ come home with it]. The groomsmen will be in suits… so will a couple of the male guests, but I bet I could rock a suit better than the boys, with this bad boy 😎 .

I once read an article listing what not to ever wear to a wedding, on the list was ‘pant suits’. I mean… come on… says who??? I am almost sure I will be the only lady in a pant suit at the wedding because for some reason most women are wired to only wear dresses to weddings, but as I always say – dare to be different love! The weather in Nairobi lately has been rather unforgiving, it’s been chilly and two of the weddings I will be attending will be Limuru, so I should actually be calling these ‘winter weddings’, hehe.

A few tips for wearing your sassy pant suit to a wedding:

  • It’s time to play, so wear bright colored / patterned suits and leave the very formal ones for work.
  • If it’s too cold and the suit by itself won’t keep you warm, throw a trench coat or one of your long coats over your shoulders. The color of the coat should preferably be a block color (one color); I’ll be wearing my nude coat over this suit.
  • I have a fitting vest under my coat; instead of a vest you can wear a cropped top (not showing too much skin, just grazing over your pants’ waist band) and heeled sandals.

Even if it’s not your wedding, look your best, feel your best. No dull guests allowed! 🚫

Photography: MumaPix

On replay 🎵

Where I got it:

  • Pant Suit | Bella Sorella, UK | Options Available Here
  • Black Vest | Woolworths, Galleria Mall
  • Black Court Heels | Zara | Option Available Here
  • Sunnies | Old

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    You look WAY better in this suit than any guy ever would!! You look real classy and elegant and sexy babe. I hope you enjoy your party week! 😉 x x x

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      Karen M

      Hahaha… I will definitely enjoy. And thanks… as always!

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