Leg Day

I am here really thinking where I would be going to dressed like this… and ummmh… I feel like I’m about to lie 😂 by telling you to go to the movies in this outfit. I tend to feel cold in the theater, so this can’t work for my legs [I’m more of a sweats type of girl for a movie night… unless otherwise necessary!]. It’s also not a party outfit (not in a crowded unventilated place for sure) as the hoodie is quite warm, you’ll get sweaty pretty fast.

[I’m actually thinking in real time 🤔 about this look].

I last wore this skirt way back in 2012 [I digress for second – talking of ‘way back’, lol, Kenny Latimore is in town next week {next month apparently, bummer 🙄}and I will definitely be in attendance 😁 he better not disappoint, like really…] when I didn’t mind ‘freezing and shining’; these days I totally do. Must be age creeping up on me as my tolerance for cold these days has terribly reduced. I’ve even been wearing thermal tights under my pants/jeans on several (cold) days these past 2 months or so – talk about overdressing!

If you are a mini type of girl then this look might be for you… drinks with the girls… date with him… whatever relaxed occasion really.

I hardly wear mini skirts, so for me I’ll probably just fold this back to my closet and let it sit pretty inside there. Lol.

Photography: MumaPix

Where I got it:

  • Cropped Hoodie | H&M, SA | Options Available Here, Here, Here OR Here
  • Stripped Mini | Ebay UK | Options Available Here, Here, Here OR Here
  • Strappy Heeled Sandals | Forever New, SA | Options Available Here OR Here

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    Shame you popped this back in the closet cos you sure do look good in a mini skirt. 😉 And those legs! You look sexy with those classy heels on babe. 😉 I like your hair in that third pic, it looks incredible!! Enjoy your week. x x x

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