Chasing cheetahs and leopards in the savannah was a major part of my thirtieth birthday this past weekend!!!

Apart from the thrill of driving on the dusty bumpy roads and trying to get some good shots, the best part about my few days at the Maasai Mara was that the phone network was not strong enough to constantly access the internet and the room did not have a TV – SERENITY, exactly what I needed whilst transitioning to the ‘third floor’.

Swim ~ sip ~ sightsee ~ sleep

A friend asked me if I was nervous to turn 30, nope.

Have I accomplished all I thought I would’ve by 30? Nope.

Do I get frustrated with life sometimes? Yes and no (Depends on the day, or more specifically time of day you ask me this question 🤣 as I could have a very different answer a few hours later! As Wendy Williams says, “I’m a woman, so I’m allowed to change my mind”).

Things haven’t always gone the way I hoped they would but, I’ve learnt to make the most of it ~ in Lil’ Duval’s words ♬♪ I’m living my best life ♪♬

{Lies! I’m not always living my ‘best life’ 😂, I just like the song}.

Listening to ❤️

And because I’m feeling a lil’ churchy ❤️

Where I got it:

  • Necklace | 4U2
  • Safari Hat | Carrefour, The Hub
  • T-shirts | Carrefour, The Hub {Cheap! KSh180}
  • Boots | Mr. Price {Old! these are actually men’s shoes, but I changed the laces and used studded straps from my old pair of boots and tied them around 💡} | Options Available at Bata




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