Rumor Has it…

… that you shouldn’t wear horizontal striped clothing with other horizontal striped clothing. Well, in part true, but… whatever man (lol), I’ll use the Kenyan adage here in my defence, My Dress, My Choice.

Regardless of similarity in the stripe pattern, I was comfortable wearing this skater dress with this sweater because the dress is a fit and flare, giving the appearance of a cinched waist [honestly, I don’t think this dress and my waist are a good example 😂 but I’m sure you get the point!]. If the dress were lose fitting, then this horizontal striped sweater would be a definite ‘hell to the no’ [whenever I say this line I’m always singing the song – by Bishop Bullwinkle –  in my head 🤣🤣 You can check this on YouTube if you have no idea what I’m talking about].

Alternatively, if you’re wearing a striped skater dress for something special – tea party, baby shower, wedding, church, etc – then preferably wear a cardigan in a contrasting color and add a chunky necklace 😉.

Photography: MumaPix

This Zara spray 💖 I can only describe it as a sweet heavy (apple + watermelon + passion fruit) scent… lve it! I got it while in Jozi a few months ago. The best part is it was quite cheap, say 1,500/=… It’s a eau de toilette so it doesn’t hold on too long, but it works perfectly for work. I saw some very affordable sprays (eau de toilettes) at Miniso, the new store at The Hub. Price range is about 600/= to 2,000/= … I can’t vouch on quality as I haven’t used them, but I will grab me one soon just to try it on.

Where I got it:

  • Striped Skater Dress | 4U2 | Options Available Here, Here, Here, Here, Here OR Here {😍 this scuba dress. Don’t kill the vibe by wearing a cardigan over this one please! Freeze and shine honey, freeze and shine, you’ll be fine}
  • Striped Cardigan | H&M | Options Available Here OR Here
  • Studded Court Heels | Ebay UK | Options Available Here, Here, Here, OR Here
  • Navy Handbag | Somewhere in Mombasa | Option Available Here

On to another wedding this Friday 😊! Enjoy the rest of your week 😘 and God bless!


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